Senya Pugach

Moscow, Russia

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Featured projects

in Art. Lebedev Studio


is endlessly generated monumental psychedelic web experience for the founders of the Russian rock scene

The number of versions of the site is unlimited, scroll to the end to see the new version which no one except you see it again because all of there are unique. My magnum opus in Art. Lebedev.

2 unrealeased project using Krono engine

*1 gif with 2 images here*

unrealeased 3d web editor

*1 image here*

Art. Lebedev's own mini Soundcloud. patch hls.js, nginx setup, audio converting

unreleased generative design tool

*life game gif*

soli demo?

web editor for creating fast animation on the web

веб-телеграм для конкурса, написанный за два дня

Sotbi AR iOS app

the augmented reality app demonstrates the oddity of corporate workdays

Sotbi's are guys who, forcing debtors to pay back multibillion-rubles debts. So, in this game your goal is find the five hiding debtors.

Sotbi AR iOS app announcement

анонс сотби gzip fbx wasm android faster

Moscow Metro Map 4.0

For the Moscow metro map I created various tools to facilitate the designer's work on the map, and also developed scripts to automate the creation of the map in different formats and its translation into different languages. By the way, it is terrible to script Adobe Illustrator.

Ludum Dare games


a game about draftee who coming back to mother in a zinc lined coffin

This is my most heartbreaking game that saved me from the army.


use your knife to kill those who never cry

I made a raycasting engine from scratch during summer 2019 and wrote this game using it during one of the Ludum Dare weekends.

wish you were here

about a man who gave everything to God to have his love with him

My girlfriend got stuck in another country during the COVID-19 pandemic and I really missed her.


childhood memories from 1937

The Great Terror has affected every family in Soviet Union: my great-grandfather was shot, great-great-grandmother was imprisoned and others were dispossessed.


a game about Kazakhstan's attack on Omsk

First Unity experience.

commercial games

Game for cloned by Rovio

in 2019, Angry Birds no longer existed in the browser; they now exist, though with Russian army colour

Destructible environment, level editor, mobile support, different shell types, incredible sounds, rating server.

Mario clone for

Based on Full Screen Mario. I made it work on mobiles, add touch controls, rewrite audio engine from <audio> to Web Audio API, made a rating server and add new textures (it was a problem because of the custom strange texture format), all in one week.

Игра про сёрфера, управляемого голосом (на битбакете)?

Based on Full Screen Mario. I made it work on mobiles, add touch controls, rewrite audio engine from <audio> to Web Audio API, made a rating server and add new textures (it was a problem because of the custom strange texture format), all in one week.

open source contributions

BasisTextureLoader in three.js: support repeated loading of same texture

On Friday, the first day after the release of the Aquarium, I encountered a lack of video memory on many devices and the page crashes. I had three days before site will be promoted to the large audience to somehow solve this problem. It took me one weekend to learn about the existence of GPU compressed textures, learn about Basis Universal textures and write a patch for the BasisTextureLoader in three.js, as well as to finish the GLTF model loader so that he could understand .basis textures.

personal projects

Emoji translator

тестовое в студию, веб-воркеры, склонения в русском и английском, восемь языков, только клиент, очень быстрый

Raycasting engine from the scratch

чтобы сделать игру на людум

Education renderer from the scratch

чтобы понять как рисуется 3д на самом базовом уровне

in school times

$500 brain-computer interface: brain typing

brain-computer interface for symbols typing using brain neural activity (in simple terms, with thoughts)

That's what I was doing at 17 instead of getting ready for university.

World's first VR brain-computer interface (still for ~$500)

When I went to Moscow to the main Russian scientific conference for schoolers, juri told me that they would not give me an award unless I showed a demo directly at the conference. But my brain was distracted by various noises and BCI gave wrong results: for a good result, you need a quiet room with no noises. Then I bought a cardboard, put my phone in there, and using my friend's phone as a Wi-Fi router (there was no internet in the conference room), I created the world's first VR brain-computer interface for typing symbols with the power of thought overnight on my knee.

So, they didn't give me a single award.

“My Way” Windows Phone app

A Windows Phone application that allows residents of Omsk (this is in Siberia) to find out when a bus will arrive at their stop. It is especially useful in winter to avoid freezing to death at the bus stop. Also, there is AR in this app, in 2014.